A kettle as smart as it looks

The iKettle is a kitchen essential with lots of clever features such as 'Wake Up' and 'Home' modes. Configured to boil alongside your daily routine syncing to your morning alarm or as soon as you get home.

Ask 'Alexa, put the kettle on' and earn an extra few glorious minutes in bed.

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Your Coffee. Your way

The coffee machine for the modern home.

Controlled from anywhere to produce your favourite cup. This includes bean-to-cup or filter, strength, grind coarseness and amount - providing you with ultimate control.

Transform your morning routine by brewing the perfect blend as soon as you get up, knowing a hot pot of your favourite roast is ready and waiting.

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Hello Smart Fridge

Upgrade any standard fridge into a smart fridge with a plug and play mount. FridgeCam is our smart time and money-saving solution suitable for any fridge. It has been designed to save households up to £700 per year by eliminating food waste.

Using the Smarter App you can keep track of your inventory, track expiry dates, and stay on top of your grocery shop through Tesco and Amazon Fresh integrations.

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