IFTTT your life even Smarter

Do you remember those amazing films from your childhood, in which eccentric inventors would wake up in their augmented homes and go through their entire daily routine without having to lift a finger?

From the complicated breakfast-making machine in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to Wallace and Gromit’s eponymous Wrong Trousers, pop culture is full of childish wonder at the idea of an intelligent home that makes life simpler. Nowadays, however, the fantasy is rapidly becoming an affordable reality. From Alexa to Google Assistant, smart lights, home monitoring, connected home appliances, you can now connect them via applications such as IFTTT, to help you build the smart home of your dreams.

The possibilities are endless with IFTTT (If this then that), there are more than 630 apps and devices connected to IFTTT, with new services added every week. IFTTT is a free web-based service that connects your favourite apps and devices such as Google Home, smart lights, Instagram and Alexa into applets. Applets are specific things that can happen when connecting services. Literally wake up and smell the coffee with Smarter, automatically start brewing coffee with a Smarter Coffee Maker when the first person in the house wakes up.

Take it a step further and create your own applets- If you own a Smarter iKettle and Coffee Machine, there are some automation you can add using IFTTT. You simply add a service and set up actions for when your iKettle has boiled or when your coffee machine has finished keeping warm! You can even set up actions to brew your coffee or boil your kettle, through your settings by adding triggers of your choice. For example, when you come home (action), your kettle will automatically start boiling, then your Hue lights will blink when your kettle has finished boiling (trigger).

Now with IFTTT, you can also trigger events from your FridgeCam! When your FridgeCam has low battery, your fridge door has been left open or the temperature of your fridge is too low, it can trigger an event, prompting you to look into it. How smart is that? Try creating an applet for your FridgeCam, such as; “when an item is added to my Smarter shopping list, add it to my Tesco shopping basket.”

Start creating your own Smart home today with Smarter and IFTTT. Why not wake up to your favourite music, and know your coffee is being brewed ready for you to start the day right. A smart home offers users the possibility to make their devices act just the way they like, regardless of brands and technologies. Create smart schedules for your devices, and let devices react upon each other. There are many different applets you can create to smarten up your lifestyle and to bring your favourite smart products together.