Three coffee cocktails to warm up your winter

Escape from the cold, and warm up your chilly hands on a mug of these delicious wintertime drinks. 

A morning cup of coffee has always been a staple part of our daily routines, and breakfast time wouldn’t be complete without it. But we reckon there’s plenty of scope to switch up our choice of drinks in the early evening.

In this blog post, we’ve provided you with three of our favourite wintery coffee cocktails. We think they make a wonderful tipple for a winter weekend, especially after a long walk outside. These yummy drinks are filled with strong, punchy flavours - including seasonal spices, chocolate, and dark rum - which make the perfect partners to a quality cup of coffee.
Thanks to the Smarter Coffee machine, these coffee recipes are super easy to make. You will probably already have most of the ingredients in your cupboards. Then, when you fancy a drink, all you need to do is brew a cuppa using the Smarter app, and stir in the extra ingredients.

Here are our three favourite boozy winter coffee recipes.

Rum ‘n’ honey coffee

Coffee, rum and honey make a gorgeous combination. The result is a coffee cocktail which is sweet, spiced and aromatic.

  • Mānuka honey, 1 teaspoon
  • Strong coffee, 45 ml (enough to fill an espresso cup)
  • Dark rum, 5 ml

Use your Smarter Coffee machine to brew a strong cup of coffee.
Add the honey to a small coffee mug. Pour the coffee over the honey and stir well.
Add in the rum, and stir until all of the ingredients are combined.


Dave Jameson’s Southbank Winter Warmer

This decadent cocktail was created by Dave Jameson, which he brought with him as a contribution to the London Coffee Festival. It is designed to be an interpretation of the mulled wine which you buy from a Christmas market. But, the key difference is the switch of red wine for coffee.

With this recipe, you could make the spice-infused rum in bulk. Then, you can use a little of this pre-made rum whenever you fancy this coffee cocktail (we recommend using 50ml of the rum per serving).

For the spice-infused rum:
  • Spiced matusalem rum, 50 ml
  • Cinnamon stick, 1
  • Vanilla pod, 1
  • Crystalised ginger, 3 cubes
  • Cloves, 2
  • Star anise, 1
  • All spice, 1 teaspoon

For the coffee cocktail
  • Gran Marnier, 25ml
  • Brown sugar, 25g
  • Strong coffee, 350ml

Pour the rum into a large jug. Add in all of the spices and give it a stir. Leave it to steep for 24 hours to infuse the spices into the rum.
Once the rum has been steeped, use your Smarter Coffee machine to brew a strong cup of coffee.
Add the Gran Marnier, brown sugar and 50ml of the rum to a glass. Stir well.
Add the coffee to the glass and stir again, until all of the ingredients are fully combined.

A coffee snowstorm

Coffee, rum, chocolate and orange - what a combo. This smooth, decadent cocktail is bursting with wintertime flavours. It’s the perfect seasonal drink to serve at dinner parties, or to bring a bit of fun to a Friday night.

It takes its inspiration from classic chilled winter cocktails (like the snowball or a glass of eggnog), then adds a signature twist to it, in the form of a generous glug of cold coffee. Sounds divine.


  • Coffee, 50 ml, brewed and then chilled
  • Spiced rum, 50 ml
  • Chocolate liquor, 25 ml
  • Orange liquor, 25 ml
  • Condensed milk, 25 ml
  • Ice, a few cubes
  • Orange peel, to garnish

Use your Smarter Coffee machine to brew a strong cup of coffee. Then leave it to chill in the fridge.  Add the ice into a cocktail shaker. Pour in the coffee, rum, chocolate liquor, orange liquor and condensed milk.
Shake the mixture for at least 30 seconds.
Strain the drink into a glass, then garnish with a piece of orange peel.


What’s your drink of choice during the winter time? While summer cocktails call for fresh fruit, light bubbles and zingy flavours, we think winter cocktails are best paired with coffee, rum, spices and a generous dose of chocolate.

Whatever you fancy on a winter evening, the Smart Coffee machine is certain to provide you with the perfect brew to use in your pick of these coffee recipes.

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With the Smarter Coffee, you can pick your preferred coffee beans (we recommend dark roasted beans with fruity tasting notes for these cocktails) to use in your home brewing - the choice is yours.

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Written by Josephine Walbank