21 resolutions to take into 2021

As we count down to the fresh new start that is January 1st, this year is one that we’re not too devastated to be leaving behind. 2020, you’ve been full of ups, downs and complete surprises, but we’re very glad to be seeing the back of you.

Now that we’ve only got a few days left of this, frankly pretty bizarre, year, now’s the time to reflect on how it all went and what we can do differently ready for a brand new year - New Year, new resolutions.

Although the global pandemic isn’t something we can control with our resolutions, we can certainly take these little goals as an opportunity to consider some areas for self growth, and personal improvement. This could involve anything from lifestyle changes (like spending a bit more time cooking), to personal aspirations, and even more inner, emotional ones, such as, making more of a conscious effort to think about what we feel grateful for.
All of these things make great resolutions, but the nature of the ones that you choose should be unique to you. By their very definition, your resolutions should be completely personal. You don’t have to even show them to anyone - they’re just there as small, personal goals for you to take forward for a little bit of self-improvement into the brand new year.

After all, it’s a whole blank canvas right now, so let’s make it a good one.

We recommend narrowing down your choices, so that you just pick three resolutions for the New Year. While you might be tempted to go at it all-guns-blazing, in reality, if you choose a list of 10 goals you’ll most likely not succeed in meeting any of them. Rather, it is far better to think of a smaller number of goals. That way, you will feel far less daunted by them, and your resolutions will be far more achievable. Better to achieve three than stress about 10, we think.

So, as you start considering what it is you want to improve upon in 2021, we’ve created a list of some of the most popular resolutions that people take up for the New Year. You can tweak and modify these general goals, in order to create resolutions that best suit you.

With this list of 21 resolutions (giving you plenty of choice for ‘21), on hand you’ll be well-set to come up with some clever, thoughtful and realistic resolutions.

Start journaling
It doesn’t necessarily have to be every day - you could even start out by trying to set aside time once a week to write - but sitting down to write your thoughts in your journal is a wonderful self-care practice. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to be able to look back on what you got up to over the last few days.

Improve your healthy eating
This one is an incredibly common resolution. Your best way to make a success of it is by making little changes, bit by bit. This could be things like putting less butter on your bread, eating veggie dinners three times a week, or just not putting extra salt on your food.

Try a new form of exercise
Add a new type of exercise to your regular routine - this could be a class (like pilates, rock climbing, fencing or tap dancing, the choice is yours!) or trying a few home workout YouTube videos, it doesn’t have to cost you much.

Secure yourself a promotion
If you’re feeling career-focused, set yourself the goal of getting a promotion at work. It might sound optimistic, but you’ve got the whole year to try your best, with that driving motivation behind you. So go get ‘em.

Cook more homemade meals
If you’re guilty of buying ready meals more than you like, try to make an effort to plan more homemade meals in your weekday routine.

Read more
This is another very popular resolution, and with good reason - reading is a great hobby to get into. Even if it’s just sticking to one book a month, reading a few more books is a great habit for the new year.

Learn meditation
2020 has shown us all the importance of self-care, and meditation is one of the most effective, yet simple, practices that you can adopt to help take care of your brain.

Start a new crafty hobby
Sewing, card-making, baking, drawing or pottery - have a think about a new craft that you’d really like to get stuck into, and go for it.

Organise your weekly plan
Commit to improving your organisation this year. Start each week by writing out your plans, commitments and goals for the week ahead.

Spend more quality time with your friends and family
This is a general one, and it can involve whatever it means to you. But, making more time to spend with your loved ones is always going to make the year ahead more fun.

See more of the UK
2020 has been the year of the staycation, and we’d like to bring that mentality to 2021, too. So have a look at all of the cities, museums, and tourist destinations that we have to offer in the UK, and explore.

Learn the practice of gratitude
Make a little time each day, even if it’s only two minutes, to think about what you’re thankful for.

Find a new educational podcast
The internet is filled with brilliant podcasts, that you can use to learn about all sorts of different topics. We’d highly recommend having a try of a few that interest you.

Spend less time on your phone
Keep an eye on your screen time, and set a goal to try and cut this down a bit.
Do more fun things as a family. Make these proper, adventurous and thoughtful activities (not just sitting down and watching the TV!).

Put a bit more money aside for saving
You could put this towards paying a few debts, or saving up for something really special as a treat at the end of the year.

Drink more water every day
This is a really simple one, but an extra glass of water each day will do wonders for your all-round health.

Fix your sleeping pattern
Another great, simple one. Try to get more regular hours of sleep, and you’ll feel more refreshed and energised throughout the year. 

Visit a country that you’ve always wanted to see
Get out your travel bucket list, and pick your favourite, then book a flight. This level of spontaneity is what resolutions are all about.

Reduce, reuse and recycle
Try your best to be more environmentally friendly this year. This could involve trying a bit harder to recycle, not using single-use coffee cups, or buying more eco friendly products (like beeswax wrap instead of cling-film).

Commit to a short daily walk
It’s a practice many of us adopted over lockdown, but a daily walk would be a great thing to stick to in 2021, too.

As you can see from this list, your New Year’s goals can be as big or small, challenging or simple, as you like. These 2021 resolutions can cover all manner of different areas of your life, and they can be as career-focused, savings savvy or inner self oriented as you like. It’s all about setting goals that mean something to, and will help, you personally.

With Smarter’s range of kitchen technology on hand, a whole load of the above resolutions will be infinitely easier to achieve. More home cooking? Easy peasy. Being more environmentally conscious? We can help you sort that. More organised? You’ll have your resolutions met in no time.

So, if you want to make resolutions that stick in 2021, have a look through our Smarter website.

Written by Josephine Walbank