Hey Siri, turn the kettle on!

We are excited to announce that you can now connect all Smarter™ devices to Siri. Want to make mornings just that little bit easier simply ask "Hey Siri brew me a coffee" to have a fresh pot of coffee brewed for you.

All your Smarter home devices can be also connected to Google Home*, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, the possibilities are infinite when connecting your smarter products to your home and life.

On the way to the supermarket and unsure of what you need to buy, just ask Siri “Hey Siri Tell me what’s in my shopping list” knowing what you need to buy never was so easy. Now you can ask your iKettle to boil to your desired temperature or up the strength of your Smarter Coffee brew by using simple voice commands via Siri shortcut.

Check out our support page which has helpful hints and simple voice commands to get you started.

FridgeCam - http://bit.ly/FCsiri

iKettle - http://bit.ly/iKsiri

Coffee - http://bit.ly/CFsiri

Siri joins Amazon and Google as the next major digital platform that can connect to Smarter’s innovative kitchen appliance range. Smart speakers have been the hottest new thing in voice-controlled technology ever since the Amazon Echo’s meteoric rise to popularity in 2016, quickly followed by Google developing a rival device, the Google Home. Further research by voicebot estimates that 47.3 million people, or nearly one in five adults in the United States and 9.5 million in the UK currently own a smart speaker.

We are excited to deliver this new skill to our customers and can’t wait to see what they think. Write in and tell us your thoughts on your smart home automation via support@smarter.am