A comprehensive guide to CBD tea

Two questions that you’re probably wanting to ask right from the outset are: What is CBD?, and What role does it have in a good cup of tea?

This medicinal health-booster-come-herb-superfood is the latest big ingredient to shake up the food and drink scene. CBD has recently rapidly risen up the ranks, as its reputation has grown for providing considerable noteworthy benefits for the body and mind alike.

Although there was some trepidation surrounding its introduction to the UK market, now, CBD is here to stay. You’ll find it in everything from hair care and moisturisers, and cocktail mixers to alt butters, and even brownies. Alongside being the featured ingredient in this vast range of products, CBD has also proven to be a big hitter when it comes to the UK’s closely guarded tea scene.

Now, CBD is one of the world’s favourite types of tea, largely due to the wonderful range of health perks that it provides to drinkers. Curious? If you’re intrigued and would like to learn a little bit more about this nutritional new beverage of choice, we’re here to introduce you to CBD teas.

In our comprehensive guide, you’ll find a bit more info about where this little compound comes from, the health benefits of CBD, and how you can introduce it to your next cup of herbal tea.


So, what is CBD?

Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) comes from one of the cannabis plant’s most active compounds. The CBD is harnessed by extracting hemp oil from the cannabis plant. Then, once the desired concentration of this compound has been achieved, it can be infused as an extract added into tea leaves or oils.

Thanks to its ever-increasing popularity, you can now buy CBD tea from a wide range of fantastic online suppliers. While there are lots of great providers online, the CBD specialists that would come most highly recommended by us are ,,Buddha Teas and the ,,CBD Hemporium. Alongside these great, good value and trustworthy UK suppliers, you could also shop for your CBD at the US supplier ,,The Brothers Apothecary. You can choose to either buy pre-blended teas or, if you want to have a go at trying something new, you could try our CBD recipe, which you’ll find below.

How can I make a CBD tea?

When adding a few drops of CBD to make your own blend of CBD tea, we’d advise using water-soluble CBD. Also, we’d suggest buying a full-spectrum CBD oil, as it is more potent and of a better quality (than CBD isolate), due to the fact that it possesses a combination of numerous compounds which have been extracted from the plant. You could also buy your CBD in pre-blended tea bags, if you’re just wanting to quickly pop a tea bag into your mug in the morning.

Next up, we’ve provided a recipe for a yummy, indulgent homemade CBD latte, that is brimming with nutritional health benefits. This delicious, aromatic drink is filled with all of the warming spices that you’d expect from a cup of chai, while also incorporating a whole host of brilliant vitamins and nutrients, courtesy of the CBD tea.


  • Water, 125ml
  • Oat milk, 125ml (or you could use any other alt milk or dairy milk of your choice)
  • CBD tea bag, 1
  • Chai powder, 1 tsp
  • Honey, 2 tsp (you can use any sweetener of choice, for example, raw cane or coconut sugar works well)


  1. Heat up the water (we’d recommend setting your iKettle to 90°C) then leave your CBD tea bag to infuse in the hot water for 5 minutes
  2. Combine the remaining ingredients in a saucepan. Then take out the tea bag from your CBD brew and pour the tea into the pan. Let the mixture gently simmer for approximately 5 minutes. Make sure that you are careful not to let the milk burn.
  3. Then strain your latte into a mug. Plonk yourself on the sofa, and enjoy.

Or, if you’re just after a regular cup of CBD tea, you can either pop it in hot water (90°C is the perfect temperature for optimum flavour extraction) as you would a normal tea, or you can even cold brew it, to create a delicious summertime drink.

CBD tea

If you want to vary these recipes up a bit, you could try your hand at incorporating other teas into the brew. These varieties could include liquorice, turmeric, ginger, chamomile, mint, fennel, or even apple tea blends. Or, you could switch out your seasoning of choice, and add in complementary, fragrant flavours like cinnamon, ginger or lemon juice.

One key thing to note is that it’s best to have a mug of CBD tea or latte after a meal, because these compounds require fat in order to successfully be absorbed into your body.

How can CBD benefit my health?

So, we’ve raved about CBD’s notorious medicinal properties, but what do these perks actually include?

This natural health aid is a wonderful all-rounder. From your digestion to your sleep, and pain relief to easing anxiety, your mind, body and soul can all be uplifted by the addition of CBD to your next cuppa.

For those of you sceptics who are still yet to be convinced, here is a round-up of just some of the several health benefits that CBD provides:

  • Improving your gut health
  • Easing stomach ache
  • Relax mind and body
  • Help to boost your focus
  • Improve your digestive process
  • Reducing pain in your body - including arthritis, headaches, migraines, chronic pain or any pain caused by your menstrual cycle
  • Improving your appearance, as it is rich in antioxidants
  • Reducing the build-up of stress
  • Reduce anxiety levels
  • Help to improve your night’s sleep
  • Better your body’s immune system function
  • Improve your mood stability
  • Cut down on inflammation

So, now that you know a bit more about this superfood, as well as exactly how to incorporate it into your tea-drinking routine, allow us to upgrade your home brew process even further, courtesy of the iKettle.

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With the iKettle, achieving a specific water temperature (such as that required in the recipe for your chai tea) to get the perfect taste from all of your teas has never been easier. So, in readiness for your immune-boosting CBD teas, you can grab yourself a smart kettle from our Smarter online store. We can even guarantee that it will be with you at your door in less than 72 hours, so you’ll hardly have to wait any time at all to give this recipe a go.