FoodCam2 (BETA) - Limited Seats Available*

£99 £199

The new 2024 FoodCam can be installed inside any fridge or cupboard and takes a picture using our patented GyroSense® technology. Paired with the Chefling app via UltraConnect ®, the device will automatically manage your inventory using Ai, powered by Smarter (premium subscription to Chefling included). 

*The saving of £100 (discounted price) is for BETA customers only and will revert to the RRP of £199 (with 12 months subscription) after 01.03.2024

Product Specifications:

  • Easy to slide on and mount anywhere in the fridge or pantry
  • One-Click setup using Bluetooth® encryption
  • Automated calibration with titling head
  • Bigger battery with a minimum 2-month battery life
  • Powerful camera lens with fisheye correction for wide range of view 
  • Stronger WiFi signal using 2.4Ghz
  • Faster connection and photo upload speeds 
  • Powered by Smarter using patented GyroSense® technology