Our Spring 2021 must-have tech guide

Spring has sprung, and we couldn’t be happier. This year more than ever, the Spring time represents new beginnings, new life and all the joy to come.

So, we cannot wait to soak up the sunshine, enjoy lighter and brighter days, and face the remainder of 2021 with a new sense of hope.

The start of Spring is unparalleled for its sense of rejuvenation and positivity. At this time of year, the world looks a whole lot brighter.

Beyond warmer weather and dazzling sunshine, there’s the birds chirping in the trees, flowers popping up in the grass, and an altogether far more joyful vibe.
This year, we’re gearing up for picnics with a group of six, staycations with our bubble, and days out to the local park. We’re firm advocates of the belief that it’s the little things in life that bring the most joy.

We’re here to help you gear up for your Spring social calendar - no more long weekends in joggers like we did all Winter.

This blog is designed to help you get yourself and your home organised, ready for your family’s Spring time activities.

Below, you’ll find our 2021 Spring tech guide. In it, we've listed our top five technology picks, which we’ve got set up in our home this Spring. They’re intuitively designed to make organising, sorting and managing daily routines an absolute breeze.

So, read on to find out which devices made our list.

Smarter Coffee 

Smarter coffee, smart home, smart coffee maker

The Smarter Coffee maker is just the thing that returning commuters need this Spring.

With this intelligent device on hand, you can keep your Spring time morning routine both more efficient and also more enjoyable.

The Smarter Coffee machine works through the Smarter app and so the device can be controlled by your phone - with it, users can have a fresh cup of coffee brewed remotely, with just a few taps on their phone.

Plus, this isn’t just any coffee. The device allows you to specify your desired strength, volume and temperature. So, you can create the perfect coffee, faster.

Apple HomePod Mini

This clever little device from the brains at Apple is definitely one to add to your Spring wish list.

It allows users to control their smart home through this intelligent speaker. Plus, with its crystal-clear, premium quality sound, chatting to Siri or listening to music is an absolute joy.


Smart watch, fitbit

We’re ready to ditch the blankets and cocoa, and head out to enjoy the brighter weather.

We can’t wait for Spring walks and runs, and the Fit Bit is the perfect device to help us achieve our fitness goals.

What’s more, you can even connect your brand new Fit Bit through to the Smarter app. This means that, when you’re out and about, you can set up the Fit Bit to notify you when it thinks that you could do with a good cup of coffee. Then, all it takes is a few taps on your phone, and your Smarter Coffee machine can have one freshly brewed ready for when you get back.

Philips Hue Smart Lights

Smart bulb, philips hue lights
There is no better time in the year to schedule a garden upgrade. By installing these new outdoor lights in the Spring, you’ve got the whole year to make the most out of them.

Not only are they an ideal home security option, but these outdoor lights also make a modern, stylish addition to the home, too. They’re perfect for warmer evenings spent in the garden, as they make your garden look more welcoming when the sun goes down.


FridgeCam, Smart fridge
Spring time picnics are one of our favourite activities for this time of year. But, when we’re dealing with so many different varieties of food, a long shopping list and lots of different dietary requirements (as well as picky children!) to cater for, it can quickly get confusing.

With the FridgeCam, you can keep your kitchen storage more organised than ever. This clever device is the perfect aid to kitchen management. With it, users can keep track of what’s in their fridge and cupboards, what they’re currently missing so need to add to their shopping list, and what needs using up.

Plus, you can even take this snapshot of your fridge with you to the supermarket. Since the camera can be controlled by your phone, there’s no rush of doubling up on any picnic items!

We hope that this Spring tech guide has given you plenty of inspiration to upgrade your house, ready for everything that you’ve got to look forward to this season.

Whether it’s preparing for your new back-to-work routine, or planning picnics in the garden with loved ones, these devices are certain to make your Spring a whole lot more organised.

You can find two of the items from our guide - the Smarter Coffee and FridgeCam - on the Smarter online store. There, you can meet these two devices, find out more about their impressive capabilities, and even secure one for your home.

So, if you’re excited to upgrade your house this Spring, be sure to pay a visit to the Smarter online store.

Written by Josephine Walbank