The Smarter Starter Kit with Stainless Steel Kettle

£129 £148

Ideal for those looking for kitchen perfection. 

With this kit, you'll have ultimate control. The iKettle features are endless, choose the perfect temperature for your tea, remote boil from anywhere in your home, wake up and home mode for perfect timed cuppa and formula mode for safely syncing your baby's night feeds. 

You’ll be surprised how FridgeCam will fit in your lifestyle and help you keep your fridge and cupboards organised, track your expiry dates and even automate your shopping lists for a one-click checkout with Tesco and Amazon, smart right?

Easily integrate with Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Nest Home and IFTTT to take your Smart Home to the next level.

Included: iKettle 3rd Generation (Stainless Steel) and Smarter FridgeCam (Saving £19)