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Smarter FridgeCam

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Turn any Fridge into a Smart Fridge with FridgeCam, an affordable solution that can save you up to £700 a year on wasted food, use our innovative AI software SmarterAssist to track your food items, so you never run out of what you need or throw away expired food.

Top features:

  • Wifi Connected: Always see what you have in with your latest Fridge image sent to your smartphone every time you close the Fridge door. 
  • Inventory Management: Add your items by scanning the barcode once and SmarterAssist will then automatically update your inventory, shopping list and notify you when it’s up to date based on what’s in your fridge so you never run out of items you need.
  • Shopping List: If you have finished with an item SmarterAssist will automatically add this to your shopping list so you know what to buy when you go shopping.
  • Best Before Tracker: Never throw away expired food again with our best before tracker, receive an alert before the item expires so you use the item before it goes off.

Why not connect your FridgeCam to your Amazon fresh or Tesco account?

FridgeCam will add expired or used fridge items to your personal shopping list ready for your next shop. With Amazon Fresh’s speedy delivery you could even get your groceries within the hour, allowing you to always stay one step ahead

Got a Smart speaker? FridgeCam works with Alexa, and HomePod/Siri Shortcuts, you can ask “what’s in your fridge?” and she will tell you what you have listed in your inventory.

The details

The Smarter FridgeCam with SmarterAssist:

  • Is compatible with iOS & Android
  • Has wireless technology and a USB recharging port
  • Can be shipped to the UK for FREE





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