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Smarter FridgeCam (Pre-Order)


The FridgeCam is a wireless camera that fits inside any fridge, allowing you to see the contents from anywhere via the Smarter App.

Alongside the benefits of seeing the contents of the fridge remotely, the FridgeCam will also help track expiry dates, auto-replenish and suggest recipes based on the food in your fridge.

FridgeCam’s innovative food tracking capabilities aims to help eliminate the growing problem of food waste at home. Which costs a UK family over £700 a year. 


  •  See what food you have in your fridge from anywhere via the Smarter App.

  • Food tracking: Innovative food tracking technology recognises what food you have in, learning over time to better understand the contents of your fridge.
  • Expiry date notification: Automatic reminders sent to your phone on food expiration dates.

  • Replenish: Automatically add items which are expired or have been used up to your online shopping basket. This can then be automatically replenished through your favourite supermarket.

  • Geo-location: A reminder is sent when you are nearby any local convenience store to top up on any run out items.

  • Smarter Chef: Recipe suggestions based on the contents of your fridge.

  • Temperature Alerts: Get reminded when you have left the fridge door open or if the temperature is too high or low.

The FridgeCam is designed to save you money, up to £400 a year in fact! At that rate FridgeCam can pay for itself within 3 months.

Compatible with any existing fridge, no need to spend money on a completely new smart fridge. Which can cost over £3000!


  • Compatibility with iOS & Android
  • Wireless and bluetooth technology
  • USB recharging port (three month battery life) 


Coming September 2017 Launch

Free shipping Available to UK and US.




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